Micro-and-macro expression warehouse (MMEW)


MMEW includes 300 micro-expressions and 900 macro-expressions which include six basic types, i.e. happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness. For convenient evaluation, all the samples are well named. Micro-expression sequence images named as “frameIndex.jpg” are stored in a three-layer file directory. Specifically, subject indexes are used as root folder, then some sub-folders, i. e., happiness, surprise, disgust, repression, fear, sadness, anger, each of which includes micro-expression sequence images. To better understand which image belongs to which subject and which emotion, the third layer directory is named in the way of “PersonIndex-EmotionIndex-SampleIndex”. For instance, an image stored in the path “S03/happiness/S03-01-002/1.jpg” is the 1st frame of the 2nd micro-expression sequence with happiness emotion for the 3rd subject. Similarly, the images for macro-expression are stored in a three-layer file directory. The first directory embodies a subject index, and the second directory embodies a macro-expression emotion. For example, “S03/happiness/S03-01-001.jpg” means the 1st sample with happiness emotion for the 3rd subject.

HTML Template

Happiness (the corner of the right mouth rises)

To obtain MMEW, sign the license agreement and send a scanned copy to benxianyeye@163.com.


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